the faint

Flashback. I’m an awkward little junior high girl sharing a room with my oldest sister who is in high school. Poor girl, I know. Yet little did she know she was opening my eyes to a realm of music most kids my age didn’t know.

I thought I was cool listening to the Beatles. Thought it gave me some edge. In retrospect, what really gave me edge was her introducing me to The Faint. My 11 year old self couldn’t help but get a rush singing along to “Worked Up So Sexual” and “Agenda Suicide” even though at the time I had no clue what I was actually singing about.

Over 13 years later I still get a rush singing along to those songs, yet now I actually know what their about. The Faint has a way of clashing all these genres of music together with an gloomy yet oddly upbeat sound that’s intoxicating.

As their sound morphed and matured, so did I. And now that edgy little girl gets to finally see them live tonight at The Independent. Childhood dreams do come true!

only in france…

Honestly, only in France is the fashion utterly amazing. Especially at Cannes. I have to say it was hard to pick my favorites, maybe because every celebrity knew to turn on their A-game.

From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Lara Stone to Jessica Chastain and everyone in between, there were so many best dressed it’s impossible to narrow it down to one. Overall, it’s safe to say that either Blake Lively or Cate Blanchett dominated Cannes with all their chic-ness.

Yet out of these outfits, I think Lèa Seydoux in Prada, Riley Keough in Valentino, or Blake Lively in Gucci Première are my overall favorites.


Seulement en France!


bags packed

Today I’m heading down to LA with some of my best friends on a long awaited trip to visit our 3rd musketeer. Since I never know what sort of trouble us three will get into, I must pack for every type of occasion.

I threw some of my favorite warm weather looks into my weekend back and called it a day. White denim, white skort, white sweater, white everything! To give my white outfits a little more life, I’ve opted to bring my leopard loafers and tan ankle boots (not pictured). Next I grabbed my black midi dress with my fringe wedges and a statement necklace to top it off for whatever the night brings us.



Of course I overpacked so I’m sure you can believe that my weekend bag looks more like a week bag. I threw in my white chucks, some knit sweaters, graphic tees, and more dresses to make sure I am prepared for what this weekend brings.


Hope everyone has a great long weekend!


rainy with a chance of sun

I love the rain, hence why I live in San Francisco. But there comes a time where everyone dreams of warm sunshine. I have had a trip planned to Mexico for about three months now and the once distant day dream is becoming a reality. While I love the rain, I am itching to get to the warm beach with a drink in my hand and not a care in the world.

So while I try not to go crazy buying everything that screams “Summer” in sight, these are the things I am settling on purchasing to get me through these rainy weeks until I am soaking up the sun.


cabo wabo

What are some other Cabo essentials? Besides cocktails and sunscreen of course…

scar tissue


I really like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I, in no way, would have ever considered myself a hardcore fan but I genuinely appreciate their music. They are a band that was a part of and played a large role in the transformation from 80’s hardcore punk to 90’s alternative rock. From Freaky Styley to Californication, you can listen to their music mature and grow all while enjoying each song for it’s unique style, which is something I truly respect about them.

I just finished reading Anthony Kiedis’s autobiography Scar Tissue and I can’t shake the feeling that I underestimated them for so many years. Yes, underestimated might be an overstatement, but let’s be honest they have an undeniable amount of swag (for the lack of a better word).

With their style, both musically and personally, they were always pushing boundaries. They rocked out with their *ehem* tube socks on and if that doesn’t say ‘Fuck you’ than I don’t know what does. Their indestructible confidence throughout years of high highs and even lower lows attests to their truly unique style. They are hard-rocking down to earth guys that love to show the world a little bit of funkiness. This mindset is so rare to find but invaluable to have and something I feel like every day I’m a little closer to obtaining. These boys teach us that to be stylish is truly to be yourself.


“If that’s what you’re thinking, then don’t even question it. Go let your freak flag fly, brother.” – Anthony Kiedis

seriously stylish: lizzy plapinger

Yes, yes I know she is like the antithesis of my own personal style but I think Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR has some serious fashion steez. Dawning bright rainbow colors not only in her wardrobe but in her hair as well makes it exciting to see what she’ll wear next.


Her mix of bright colors and bold patterns topped with her hair color of the week is so outrageous that it just works. Plain and simple.


By constantly experimenting with her wardrobe she is constantly re-inventing her own style. She keeps things fresh by not allowing anyone, or even herself, to define her style.

Lizzy-Plapinger-tropic-hair Lizzy-Plapinger-blue-hair

I never thought I’d say this, but she even makes green hair look good. Talk about a true badass.